writer, designer, storyteller

Digital and multimedia storyteller with experience as a journalist, publicist, and graphic designer. I’ve worked with various agencies and publications, including The No. 29 Communications and The Associated Press.

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The Kultura 
Community engaged journalism; centering around conversation on identity and politics; interviews with Filipino entrepreneurs and artists, aimed to highlight community achievements. 

The New School Free Press
Spring 2021
Operated in a remote newsroom; coverage focused on COVID-19 policy changes throughout The New School campus; newsroom guided by Senior Data Editor, Nigel Chiwaya. 

Ping Pong Digital 
Spring 2022
Researched and developed written copy for agency blog; focused on marketing strategies and blockchain.

The Kultura brand
Inspired by my personal experience as an immigrant, I developed The Kultura into a brand with the purpose of building community and diversity through the exploration of identity, culture, and politics. I designed the logo, curated the color scheme, and reported on, wrote, and published all content. Read more︎︎︎
creative direction, brand strategy, journalism
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