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HTML/CSS Website

~ Journalism Design Toolkit project

For my Journalism Design Toolkit class (an introductory course on HTML/CSS coding languages, and Adobe Creative softwares), we built a website from scratch using HTML and CSS languages. 

I used GitHub to host my website (you may visit my respository to take a look at the back-end of my website) and I used Sublime to create my coding files. 

Here is what the index.html file looks like.

As a result of the index.html file, I have a functioning website with a menu, logo, text copy, unordered list, links, and images

 This is my style.css file (the file that adds color and custom fonts). 

An element we had to add in our website is a navigation menu. For my website, since I wanted to be ambitious, I added a hamburger menu whose function relies on CSS (I found the code on CodePen). You can see the example below:

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