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Asian Persuasion zine

~ Adobe InDesign project for Journalism Design Toolkit final 

As part of my final project for my Journalism Design Toolkit class (an introductory course on Adobe Creative Suite and front-end/back-end web development), I designed spreads of a 16-page minimum book on a topic of my choice. 

For this final project, I chose a topic that was related to my beat which is culture, identity, and race. Almost all the content I included in the zine are content that I’ve produced myself unless stated otherwise, in addition to stock images, screen-grabs, and art produced by another illustrator who worked on one of my written pieces. 

The written pieces and some of the art and photography I included in the spreads explore my experiences, as well as the concept, of growing up multicultural. The majority of the articles I wrote have already been published in independent publications, such as ADOLESCENT, The New School Free Press, and in my personal blog. The art and photography I also included are projects I’ve done when I was studying art and design GCSE and Photography A-Level in the U.K. 

Here are samples of the spreads I created. I used the latest Adobe InDesign Software (2021) and Adobe PhotoShop to remove the backgrounds of photos so it looks more aesthetic when I create collages such as the Table of Contents page above. 

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