Nicole Abriam

Nicole Abriam

The Wallflower

~ Self-started project

This is a developing project.

During quarantine, I decided to embark on a project that I’ve been longing to pursue for a while which is to start and build my own publication. 

For 3 years, I’ve written for Adolescent - an L.A. based media production company, film representative, and global think tank for Gen-Z and millennials - and for numerous independent zines including LUNA Collective, PINNACLE magazine, and Here-After zine. I was inspired by their creativity and passion for journalism and print, and dreamed of my own brand and publication which I eventually started to build. 

I started with a Wordpress website and built a small team of writers to maintain a consistent flow of content, and created social media campaigns to promote open calls for submissions of art, creative writing pieces, articles, and essays - just like a traditional zine. For a few months, I received almost 100 submissions. Due to inactive team members and an expired domain name, The Wallflower Collective went on an unofficial hiatus. 

Around December 2020, I decided to embark on this project again and this time created materials including a brand profile and a Trello and Slack to keep my new team more organized. From having been a staff member at Eleven and a Half and from what I learned in my collaborative projects in college, I gained more knowledge and experience in social media marketing, outreach, and working collaboratively. 

A more intimate look at our [desktop version] Instagram feed. I created infographics and a call-to-action to encourage the audience to apply to be a team member. For a more personal outlook, I created a video to greet and celebrate the Holidays. The color scheme of the publication is neutral colors, pastel pinks, red, and a classic black and white. Everything is minimal - much like a traditional newspaper or magazine. 

This is an example of our landing page. Since the Wordpress and original domain name expired, I decided to use as the platform for our website because of the easy ability to format it in columns like a newspaper. 

The template is a rought outline of what the desired format will look like.

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