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LUNA Collective magazine 
~ poetry

Outside my window

inside my window
my mind is an unceasing breeze
like the whirlpool of autumn’s
wind catching the red and orange leaves.

A flutter, a flutter !
my thoughts are untamed, unhinged
lashing its unhindered string of flicks
searching for the inquietude to be licked.

inside my window
sometimes i feel that myself is astray
looking at the ceiling through a telescope
at the endless wonders of stars and space.

i sometimes wonder to myself,
amongst another day of paradise,
where in the timeline of the universe
could someone live this life.

outside my window
i watch the people walk through my street
wondering how they live their lives
in such a timeline as this.

where could she possibly be walking to?
an untamed action of the hibernating shrew?
walking in the street looking for something new?
wondering what’s next, what’s there to do?

outside my window
are cities and towns that are hollow
people walking in circles like caged animals
buzzed in wonder of where else shall we go.

lonely hearts, anxious minds
fearful monies and dangerous hands,
what a time to be alive in the world
outside my window.
- n.a

© Nicole Abriam 2020